Death by Cornmeal in the Highway (almost)

Death by Cornmeal in the Highway (almost)

I was on the way back from the airport, having just picked up Rich and Jil when we were coming over a little hill/overpass and ran into cornmeal (processed corn, maybe for animal feed?) in the highway.  It was wet and there was a lot of it, we started to hydroplane.  I was in the left lane […]

A New Stage

I’ve had to write some difficult emails over the past nine years, but the one I just sent out ranks among the most difficult. A few weeks ago, our teammates Rich and Jil Elledge informed us that they wouldn’t be coming back to Argentina. The rigors and instability of cross-cultural over-seas ministry pose special challenges, […]

Another New Beginning

Recently, we were informed by our teammates, Rich and Jil, that they were strongly feeling led by God to not return to Argentina.  So, in the last few weeks or so we’ve been discussing that and the implications of that, now final, decision.  As you may remember, our team has always felt that God had […]

Our Return to Argentina

The time has come to return to Argentina. Just this last week the final amount we needed came in and our mission organization approved us to return. We leave tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 10th. Last September and October as we were preparing to come back to the States to raise the necessary support to continue […]

Some days you eat the bear…

…and some days the bear eats you. That’s how the old saying goes.  But, in Argentina there are some days where you are eaten and eat on the same day. I broke down last night.  Completely.  I had one of those days where it seemed like the entire country conspired against me.  A string of […]

A Brethren View of Discipleship.

From the Brethren Encyclopedia, entry by VM Eller: Discipleship. The case can be made that discipleship is the core concept from which early Brethren thought proceed-ed and around which it was organized. However, the theological content of that thought is expressed more clearly by the German word Nachfolge (a following after) than by the English […]

Poor House

I don’t get to tell many stories in my prayer emails because I keep them short.  This is one that needs told. I had asked for prayer for Marcelo and Ester who needed a new house because they were being kicked out of their home.  They found a plot of land in a villa (shanty […]

God Preparing the Way

Every country requires a special document/stamp for foreigners to be allowed in the country, it is called a Visa.  Most countries will give you one at the border that is valid for a short period, like 30-90 days, those are called “Tourist Visas”.  If you have ever traveled outside the States, you have gotten one of […]

Building a City