Cultural Day at School

Monday is a national holiday here in Costa Rica, so we don’t have school.  It is the day that the country celebrates the annexation of the Guanacaste Province to Costa Rica.  Back in the day when all the colonies in Central America were given independence, the colony of Guanacaste voted to become part of Costa Rica rather than being independent.  The Guanacaste region is very rich in history and tradition and has given/added much to the country.  Many of the country’s rich traditions originate from this region.  So the country celebrates this every year.  On Friday the school had a shortened schedule for a special assembly in the afternoon.  Some of the staff organized a presentation of traditional dances to perform for the students.  I recorded them and will share them with you.  Every Sunday for the next month or so, I’ll post one of the dances here.  It was really neat to watch and to learn a bit more about Costa Rica.  All the clothing is the traditional garb as well.


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