Sprechen Sie Hasselhoff?

That’s the only thing I know how to say in German.  Does it still count?

Currently, I’m in Germany at the International Charis meetings for GBIM.   You can check out a daily update here.  The first couple of days have been exhuasting as jet lag and a full schedule (5 AM-11:30 PM yesterday) have us all pretty burried.  Terry White’s blog is relatively descriptive of what’s going on, so I won’t repeat him here.  Here’s a photo of the Latin American delegation outside the Alexander Mack House in Schwarzenau.

Here is the assembly at the Eden River

Here’s the plaque that was placed at the site:

Here’s a video of all of us singing in Spanish, French, and English


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  1. Thanks for the news from Germany.Those of us who are praying apprecitate it (not to mention the fact that i have two family members there!

  2. vina7879,You may check with your AMC agent on recipes and how to use it. For me, I just fololw the recipe book that came along with the pots. And any recipes not found inside, I just trial and error.The ribs didn’t turn out quite well as I’m still experimenting. Will let you know when I perfect it.

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