I don’t know if I believe it

We put a deposit on a place to live today.  Nate has been working on all the paperwork this afternoon, and it will be a day or two maybe before we know for sure that everything is going to work out.  But still, it seems like we found a place!  It’s not at all what we imagined, but it’s going to be very workable.  The neighborhood seems perfect for what we want.  It’s right in the area we had picked out as our first choice.  It’s on a paved street, but in a neighborhood where only about half the streets are paved.  It seemed like lots of people were biking and walking along the street, plus a few cars, without it being a major thoroughfare.  There are lots of neighbors close by.  And a soccer field not far away.  And it’s only about two blocks from a major commercial street with lots of businesses, etc.  All in all, pretty great location ministry-wise.  At least, we think so.  Every once in a while it really dawns on me that we actually know nothing about anything in La Plata, and we’re making this all up as we go along.  But it’s not really making it up, right?  It’s trusting that God is leading us.  Anyway.  Not to get distracted by my fears.

The house itself:  It’s actually sort of two houses.  It’s a house that we would live in, a parking area behind the house, and then one part of a set of duplexes behind that, which would be office/guest quarters.  I know that sounds very confusing, so I drew this very crude map to show you what I mean.  It’s not at all to scale.  The house is actually bigger than the duplex, no matter what it looks like on the map.

The entire parking area (and both of the little patios) is cement, so there isn’t any yard at all in the traditional sense, but it is all walled off and very secure.  And there would be a little room to run around or ride a bike.  And since we have two of the three parking spaces, and only one car, we could have that extra room as well.  The patio of the duplex is big enough for the kids pool and a sand box or something.  It looks like we’ll have to give up the dream of a Rottweiler, but we are still going to get a smaller dog (probably a Beagle) to live inside with us.  There’s enough enclosed space for a smaller dog to run around and get some exercise.  For now, no one lives in the other duplex, but they will, of course, be renting it out eventually.  When we were there, there were some workers there, and it looks like they were still finishing up that half of the duplex.

The house part is older but in good condition.  It has two pretty big bedrooms and one little tiny one, which is perfect for sleeping quarters for our soon-to-be family of five.  The living area is pretty good size and so is the kitchen.  It’s not huge, but it works.  There is one bathroom, not the finest feature of the house, but not terrible either.  It’s all clean and fairly newly painted.  The floor seems good and there are even a couple of gas heaters and a hot water heater.  If you were ever in our house in Bosques, you know that’s a huge plus.  Of course, it still remains to be seen how well everything works…  Out back is a tiny, tiny enclosed patio, with just part of it covered over with room to hook up my washing machine.  Here’ a basic floor plan…again not at all to scale and only drawn from memory, so it may not be 100% accurate.  Still, you get the idea.

The duplex is brand new.  New tiles, new bathrooms, all clean and shiny.  It’s very small.  Very.  The two bedrooms upstairs would barely fit beds, and the two bathrooms are small, too.  However, as it happens, the patio behind the duplex is three times the size of the patio behind the house.  It looks like we will plan on using the duplex as an office for the entire team, and guest quarters for all of you who are coming to visit us.  For us, it solves the problem of the house not being big enough for a separate office (at least, not when the baby comes), not having any guest space, and also the problem of not enough “yard” space.  We can rent both of the places for what it was going to cost us to rent a bigger house.  And all the bigger houses we saw were either way too expensive (like even way more than renting both of these places) or in neighborhoods were everyone lives behind walls and you don’t know how you’d ever meet anyone.  And really there were only two houses like that.  Anyway, we’re going with it.  And we’re excited to have found something.  Although Nate is still pretty stressed out with all the paperwork side of things.  He’s taking all the papers in to the realtor right now, so we’ll see what they say.  If the owners accept things, we could have the key as early as tonight or tomorrow (both places are empty), but things wouldn’t be finalized until next week, and will be ten days to two weeks I would think before we can move.  If/when we get the key, we’ll go out and take an even closer look and take pictures to share with everyone.  For now, I”ll just leave you with this view…always worth looking at.


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  1. This is AMAZING!! And actually while I’m very jazzed about what seems like a miraculous provision – I’m very partial to the last picture being the best part of all–the kids will will live in this amazing place!! Honestly, I’m thinking having seperate quarters like that for office/guest facilities now that you’ll have 3 kids is a fantastic idea…Hmmm, I’ll be God thought that one up!!

  2. Awesome!

  3. Wow, God’s provision is so so good! I’m praying that the house & duplex work out to meet your needs and that the owners think you are good people to rent to. The kiddos look so cute!

  4. Hi ! We just read the good news!Meme and I are also really “jazzed” for you, too!! Will keep praying for the paperwork to be in order and accepted by the owner! Great answer to our prayers! I have my CBS Bible Study praying for you as well!
    We love you! Great seeing the picture of the kids, too!
    Love , Aunt Sharon and Meme

  5. Security is always a plus, especially there. Clean & safe will definitely help keep your mind on your work. I know school will work out as well (since education is the 2nd distraction of TCK’s).

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