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  1. Wow guys, it looks great, better than I had imagined, although I’m not sure exactly what I envisioned, but very livable. That would be so awesome for Ellie to have a little playfriend, and kids are a great way to open doors to conversations with adults, as I’m sure you already know. Praise God for His provision!

  2. I am so excited for you all to get settled.
    We have been experiencing a move too!
    Not meme and I , but Sara. She is moving to Oceanside to one of her dad’s duplexes, which have been empty for months and can’t sell (cracked foundations) with real estate market like it is…She is dropping out of school at Brooks for now and will be looking for a job (a real prayer need)…So…..she and I have been painting (place was a mess from renters) and cleaning …She is in Ventura today finishing up packing and picking up her car (she had driven down here in the big truck with her belongings and furniture and went back on the train). She said to me she would like to go to Argentina and visit you!

    How is the dog training going?

    Much love to you all. I hope Ellie get a chance soon to meet that little girl!

    We are praying for your needs…
    Is there a possiblity that one of your team’s could rent the other side of the duplex?

    Aunt Sharon

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