Our Work here is through….. or is it?

Well the trip came to an end, finishing in a flurry of one last prayer walk, great lunch (pizza done just the way I like it – thin crust, a little sauce, and lots of Queso!), fellowship with the Team, visits from the Baileys, and a wild ride to the airport.   (Oh, and watch out Grammy…Elijah told me to give you a zerbert for him!)

As I thought about our final time there, and during our talk and decompression session, I realize that I have a much greater appreciation for everything I have.   When we look at the poverty in that country contrasted with the wealth in our country, we are humbled by the question of WHY did God choose to put those people there instead of us?   Why are we so blessed??   Did we do something to deserve that??   And the answer is quite simple – it is God’s amazing grace.  We didn’t do anything to earn the right to heaven or the right to live in a wealthy country, we weren’t special, we aren’t better than anyone else, we were, pure and simple as God planned.  So then we must ask — WHAT NEXT?   Ah, but then we must wait patiently for the answer.  

I have been blessed in many ways, and I know that.   I feel the presence of God in my home, at my work, through my family, and through most of my social life – what a wonderful feeling that is!  

I am so thankful to have been a part of this team.  And as we were getting ready to go, with a small smile on my face, I looked around and thought to myself – “our work here is through”   met with the sobering question … “or is it really?”   

What if God had stopped at some point in time?  Where would we be?   

So truly, is ‘our’ work there through?  

I don’t think so, I think we’re only getting started, with a more clear understanding of the mission, a more clear understanding of the culture, the people and their needs, and a much more clear understanding of HOW we can be of service to this community which is so vastly different, as well as a  great distance, from our own.

More when I’ve had time to process the thoughts and feelings!

Peace, Love & JOY!!!!!   In All things.


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