Tourism and Shopping…. 

After an overload day on Sunday, we spent Monday being pure tourists!   It was fun, informative and very unique.   We loaded the bus and headed for Buenos Aires – lots of interesting sights along the way, and Brian and Nate probably got tired of all of the ‘tourist’ questions, but they tolerated us nonetheless.

The national cemetery was interesting and again, being with Lindsay and Butch was highly beneficial!  We (along with everyone that day it seemed) visited the gravesite of Eva Paron.   We compared her to Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana as far as the national female iconic figure.  The graves there showed how much people believed they could be prayed into heaven, or that they could earn their way.   It was sad to think how many people made the mistake of placing their faith in the wrong place.

Next, the obligatory visit to Hard Rock Café (for one of my special-ist friends in the whole world, Jim) J

The Cathedral there was interesting, as well as learning about the Lost Children.   I won’t begin to try to spell all the Spanish terminology, because, well, I just can’t.

Our lunch consisted of another 6 pounds of beef….(Hey… I’m trying to cut back!) and the most delicious potatoes I’ve ever had.  Absolutely fabulous!

Then to the shopping …. Gee, I wish I had more money….and at the same time, glad I didn’t.   It wore me out.  Probably the continual language barriers/limitations, and the fact that I have yet to master numbers in Spanish or the peso/USD$ conversions.   I found lots of interesting things, tons (literally) of leather, and at the same time, felt guilty spending the money, knowing it could easily do much more good in the small villa miseria that Rich and Jill live close to.  

We visited another place where artists gather and it’s like a continual street fair – very interesting, but again, wish I had more time to browse, since we got there just as they were wrapping up for the day.


It was all in all a fabulously tourist day… but actually I was happy to be back in our little home-away-from-home!



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