What….only 2 days left??? We just got here!

****DISCLAIMER:  some of my spanish words may not be spelled correctly in my posts, please forgive me!  And we had some connectivity issues so some of these posts are a little off-date.****

Back to work on Tuesday – it was nice to do another prayer walk with Rich through the Villa de Miseria (the village of misery) and we discussed the economical issues facing his neighbors and contacts. Once again, our hearts were tugged by the living conditions of the people in the villa and we felt tugged and blessed all at the same time.

After another fabulous lunch, we sadly said goodbye to Norma and Anna – our wonderful cooks for the trip – and we will certainly miss them! Wonderful cooks, and beautiful hearts and love for the Lord!

The afternoon was another fabulous adventure! A scavenger hunt through the city of LaPlata. In a foreign country, in a foreign language, and very little assistance. We had a list of things going out into the town with certain items to gather, and places to visit and the team with the most points at the end of the day wins.

What utter pleasure it was!!! Of course, being the naturally curious – this is the type of exploring I would do in any city regardless of whether or not I was going to be awarded points!

We did visit the Cathedral, which has an incredibly rich history, and thought to be cursed – I have not read the entire history on this subject yet, but is sounds fascinating. The building was majestic in many ways and I was glad we were awarded points in there for studying some of the statues — it made us pay more attention to the idol worshiping that plagues the country.

The evening was met with the ‘family’ gathering – EVERYONE… and we had a wonderful shepherd’s pie meal, along with threefold communion. A great time of prayer, thoughtfulness, worship and fellowship – the way God intended for us to be.

It was hard to believe that we’ve been here a week, and yet tomorrow we will pack and leave….. and hug

and probably cry…

definately pray!


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  1. Eiljah cried the day you all left when I told him it was time for you all to leave. He asked me when we’d see you all again, I told him he would be 5 yrs old when we’d see you all again and he keeps reminding me about this. =)

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