Day 7 Scavenger Hunt – late post

We did find the Bus!

We did find the Bus!

Our Shadow

Our Shadow
The Cathedral

The Cathedral


To help us get a “flavor” of traveling in LaPlata the team set up a scavenger hunt by dividing us Yanqui’s (that’s what we were to the Argentine people) into three groups with a set of specific instructions. As we accomplished each step we accumulated various points. We could request help from anyone except the “Shadow” (a LaPlata Team member who was some where behind – for safety and to keep us from getting too lost)

1) We had to take a bus to “Plaza Passo” and get off at 44 & 13

After we got to Plaza Passo, these were the instruction:

1) Buy ice cream from “Indiana Helados” – 50 points –the problem was it was “closed for the afternoon ciesta” so we took a photo to prove we were there – we purchased ice cream later elsewhere

2) Buy an alfajor (alpha-whore), a cake like treat – 50 pts

3) Buy a diario (news paper) – 75 pts

4) Make phone call to “414-0622” and say hello to Deb – 100 pts

5) Have a sit down cup of Caf’e – 100 pts

6) Buy a “una factura” (a pastry) – 50 pts

7) Buy candy for the Kids (Team’s children) – 75 pts

8) Say “Bracia, Que Dios te bendiga” (Thank you and God bless you) to the people you buy things from – 100 pts

Then we were to walk down 13 until your reach 50 (stay on 13 and make sure the street numbers increase) to the plaza and spot the Cathedral, then:

1) Stop at the snack bar and buy something to drink – 50 pts

2) Go into the Cathedral and write down descriptions of at least 3 statues – 500 pts

Then were to hail a taxi, hand him the instructions back to Team LaPlata headquartes – OH, make sure the “shadow” is in the cab with you – 500 pts

We never were told who “won”. I think the object was to “run as if to win the race”!


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