48 Hours

This weekend drove up to the city of Rio Cuarto (about 9 hours away) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Brethren Church in Argentina.  As anyone who has done a crazy road trip with three little kids knows, it can be exhausting and fun at the same time.  The celebration was amazing and wonderful, and the kids held up well.  On Monday afternoon about 2, we got back in the car to head back to BA.

We didn’t get far.

After about 10 miles or so, I noticed the car wouldn’t go faster than 80 KPH in 5th gear (normally, I could go between 130-150 with ease).  As I pulled the car over to side of the road, it died.  Died, died.  There was smoke coming up from the hood.  So there we were.  I called the insurance company (which doubles a AAA type service) and they got a tow truck on its way.  Bear in mind that this is a major national holiday.  We called some friends (Mauro and Miryam) from the church in Rio Cuarto, and they came to pick up the kids.

Meanwhile, I sat in the blazing car with no shade in sight for about two hours waiting on the wrecker.  Finally, it came and Mauro suggested a mechanic.  When he finally got back from his holiday trip around 7 that night, he looked at it and said he couldn’t say for sure how long the repair would take without disassembling the car the next morning.

That night, we limped our way to a hotel (a block from our friends’ waaaay too small apartment).  We were tired, but we were together.

Yesterday, the mechanic said that the radiator had sprung a leak at some point and the water was out of the car.  (I had just had it filled that morning).  Because of that, at no time did it register as overheating.  It fried out some pistons, and it would take several days to repair.

So, we left the car with him, and tried to get a bus home, knowing I could come up next week and retrieve the car.  The only problem is that the next available bus home wasn’t until 11 last night.  Mauro and Miryam took good care of us all day, and we finally collapsed on the bus about 11:30 last night.  The trip took about 12 hours, and we mercifully arrived safe and sound today.

I still have no idea how long or how much it will take to repair the car.  I barely know what my name is right now!  Please keep praying for us!


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  1. Wow, Nate…I am sorry to hear of your troubles with the car…and you guys had the only “dependable” car among you! We will certainly be praying that the repair is done quickly, is not too expensive and you are able to safely return to collect the car and bring it home.

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