Where Did Summer Go?

Summer vacation is officially over.  School starts tomorrow.  Malachi will be going into 1st grade, Elijah and Ellie will be in Kindergarten and Emerson will be in pre-school.  They are all going to the same school and the three younger one’s school day will be from 1pm to 5:30pm each day, Malachi’s goes to 6pm.  The school was a great find and we are really excited for them.  Please pray for them tomorrow and these first few weeks as it is a really tough transition starting school, but it is also tough because it is all in Spanish.  Malachi is in a different building than the other three, but the three younger ones will see each other all the time.

A Summer Review:

This summer we planned a movie night for every Saturday night in the villa, but due to the insane amount of rain we’ve had this season, we were only able to show two movies.  We showed Veggie Tale’s Jonah and last night we showed the Kid’s Version of the Jesus Film.  The kids were glued to the screen last night.  Many of the girls around me had questions and also  retold to me parts that they already knew.  It was a very exciting night.  We also passed out the Gospel of John to whomever wanted a copy.  Now we are praying for God to continue to open up doors with these families.  We’re praying to begin reading God’s word with those who’d like to.

This summer we also did 6 weeks of English classes, meeting once a week with three different groups of kids.  Deb and I met with the group of girls and Rich, Brian and Nate met with the two groups of boys.  It provided a great way to get to know these kids better.  Last week we handed out school supplies to these kids and to their brothers and sisters.  Many of their moms came out of their homes to greet us and thank us.  We hope to start up some more English classes a few weeks after school starts and also provide tutoring for anyone who requests it.

And now that summer is over on Saturday mornings we will begin the Hora Feliz in the morning at the villa, sharing a Bible Story, playing some games, singing some songs, and providing a snack.  What’s even more exciting about this is we know these kids by name now and have spent time with them, I’m looking forward to seeing a new dynamic with this group.


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