Team La Plata Goals

We’ve had these done since March, but kept forgetting to post them.  These are our team goals for the year:

Continuation and Progress of the plan put in place March 2009

Long Term Goal for Ministry in Argentina #1:

For our team to gain experience in church planting, the Spanish language, and Argentine culture so that in 5 years we can be redeployed.

o For our team to be healthy and stable enough to return to complete a second term in La Plata.

o To add an Argentine couple to our church planting team

Short Term one year goals (to be completed by March 2010):

    • To establish a healthy working relationship as a team, and have a strong understanding of our unique team dynamic.

    • To mutually encourage and strengthen one another spiritually through:
      • Regular weekly accountability, prayer meetings multiple times a week, and team planning meetings weekly.
      • A regular rotation of caring for one another’s children so as to provide each couple with needed time alone
      • The processing of cross-cultural books and resources as a team
      • Continuing to develop ideas and strategies for ‘whole family worship’
      • Meeting regularly for prayer at a predetermined time
      • By taking a team retreat
    • To host a team from the United States that will dedicate itself to “foundation laying prayer”
      • We currently expect a team from Community of Hop in Columbia City Indiana to come later this year.
    • To foster relationships with Argentine national believers in the hopes of finding teammates through:
      • Collaboration with Eduardo Pizzi in bringing small groups from Cordoba for long weekends with the team
      • Continued involvement in other Grace Brethren Churches in Greater Buenos Aires
      • Involvement in Brethren national camps in January
    • To develop a team strategy for communication with supporters in the United States

Progress Report: We successfully accomplished almost most everything on our with two notable exceptions.  First, we have not identified an Argentine or Argentine couple to join our team.  We have made overtures to various people, but nothing has materialized.  This is an issue for intense prayer in the coming year, as the lack of an additional teammate hinders the development of the work.

Second, we did not meet regularly for prayer in the second half of the year. As activity crowded out the times we had to meet for prayer, we simply failed to make room for it.  This was the only real significant failure of the year for our team.

Long Term Goal for Ministry in Argentina #2:

To lay a foundation for a church with national leadership and that will eventually reproduce.

Short Term one year goals (to be completed by the end of 2010):

    • To have two Hora Felices running in our neighborhood
      • UPDATE: We have one.  We have not expanded because of the lack of an Argentine teammate and because of the opportunities provided by the first Hora Feliz.
    • To have 300 contacts among the team members
      • UPDATE: We currently have around 150 contacts as a team.  We hope to make a similar amount in 2010.
    • To have shared one of the “Seven Signs of John” with at least 100 contacts
      • UPDATE: We have shared with roughly 50 people, and would like to see that number double
    • To develop a strategy for the use of our team office for developing relationships with contacts
      • UPDATE: The office is already used to teach English and Computer classes.  We would like to expand the number of ways we can use the office.
    • To hold at least one major evangelistic event
      • UPDATE: We showed the Jesus film in the neighborhood where we work. It was well received.  We would like to do at least one more event this year.
    • To plan a ‘special focus Go Team’.
      • We hope to have a small group of two or three people come down to do some specific kind of evangelistic ministry.  Possibilities include business training, health work, or nutrition education.
    • To have a minimum of 15 evangelistic Bible studies as a team
      • UPDATE:  We currently have just one person involved in evangelistic Bible studies.
    • To have five baptized believers in the discipleship process
      • UPDATE: This goal will be difficult to meet, and needs to be a focus of intensive prayer
    • To bless our community in one major tangible way that will serve to identify us as members of God’s Kingdom to the neighborhood.
      • UPDATE: Though we did have extensive discussion and some reconnaissance on this topic, we have not yet identified a specific project.  Our goal is to have a project identified and planned by the end of the year, but execution may have to wait.

Obstacles to completing the Goals on Time:

Some obstacles can be overcome by planning and hard work.  Others are spiritual in nature and cannot be cleared with out consistent, dedicated prayer.  The following obstacles can only be overcome by your help.

  1. Human weakness-As a team we have had a successful year building relationships, however we want to see those relationships grow and develop along a spiritual line.  We all have limitations and weaknesses which we need God’s Spirit to overcome.  Pray for us as we battle the stresses of cross cultural living and the natural limitations imposed by it.

  1. Workers for the harvest-The harvest is ready, but our team would greatly benefit from having an Argentine or Argentine couple join it.  Please pray fervently that God will raise up a national to partner with us.

  1. Spiritual Blindness-The area we are working in is rife with dark spiritual strongholds thanks to idol worship, the crushing effects of poverty, and broken homes and families.  Pray that eyes would be open and the Spirit would draw men and women to God.

  1. Opposition-Other religious groups are hard at work in our neighborhood, including the Jehova’s Witnesses and the Mormons.  Pray that God would frustrate their efforts to lead people to destruction.

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