Last weekend Meche and Tati,  friends of ours and leaders in the Wilde GBC in Buenos Aires, brought a group of young adults out to La Plata for the day.  We had a great time hanging out and talking, and they led the Hora Feliz in the villa.  (Do I still need to define those words?  I’ll do it just in case, Hora Feliz is the kid’s bible club,  and villa is the word used for the really poor areas or shanty-towns.)  The group dressed up as clowns,  played games, sang songs and Tati told the story about Abraham and how God always keeps his promises.  The kids LOVED having them there and we did too!  The young guys who had gone to camp loved coming back to the office to hang out and eat lunch with us all too.   Here’s some pictures of our time in the villa:

Tati, Sol, and Vanesa talking with girls


Deb leading games

Cristian standing in front of his house

Tati, Vanesa, Sol, Mariano leading songs


everyone singing

Junior playing guitar

Boys listening to story

Mica putting make-up on Sol


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