Crafts with the Girls

We had a great time with a group of girls this afternoon.  They LOVED making this stained-glass votive candle holder and LOVED that they got to take it home too.  Here’s some shots from our time together.

Erika putting on the tissue paper.

Sara painting glue on her candle holder.

Melani making one.

Marisol, this is the first time we’d met her.  It was awesome that she came.

Jil and Greta and Veronica.

Deb serving mate.

A few of the finished products.

Eating some pastries called facturas.

These are the girls you can be praying for :  Veronica, Sara, Marlen, Marisol, Maggi, Chuchi, Mili, Erika, Yanela, Melani, Gina(she didn’t want to be in the picture.)


3 responses to “Crafts with the Girls”

  1. This is wonderful!!! I am praying.

  2. What a great time of fun & connecting! Praying too…loved seeing your pics!!

  3. fun stuff. thanks Lord for using crafts, cooking, just hanging out and chilling to draw people to yourself. be at work in these girls hearts and in the lives of their families. may they know you soon. thanks Lord for tara, continue loving on her and her family, and help them show that love to others.

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