Preparing for our Return

As we are preparing for our return home after our first 3 year term I am overwhelmed at what lies ahead, thinking how in the world is this going to happen? We want to return but will we even be able to?  These questions bring my thoughts back to 2004, that summer when we 3 couples decided to team together.

Our future was quite hazy, we had no idea how this was going to happen, but we knew that God had a plan and we trusted him.  It took four and half years after that weekend for all of us to finally be together working God’s fields in Argentina.  In those years we had plenty of time to doubt and wonder, could we raise the necessary funds?  Could we even learn the language? Will we even be able to work together?  And some how it all happened.  Oh, there’s a lot one can do to try and make things happen, but in the end the task was so huge and seemingly insurmountable–just getting here–that all we can do is marvel at how God brought it all together and continues to work in and through our team.

I mention this because we want to come back to Argentina, we want to finish this work God gave us as a team, but once again I’m looking to the future and it’s a bit hazy.  Oh, I know what it could look like, but there is a big number between here and there obscuring that view. We recently did our budget for the next 3 year term and we need $32,726 per year in new commitments to be fully supported.  That’s just us, Tara and I, that doesn’t include the Elledges who have just as big a number.  Granted that number is full support, we’ll be able to make cuts here and there and lessen that, but even so, thats a lot of money.

We’ll do our part, praying and working to find new support teammates, but in the end I’m reminded to trust in God and that nothing will really change no matter where we are…God will continue being Good, we will continue loving and serving him, working whatever fields he lays before us–no matter where we are.

Boys listening to story


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