Poor House

I don’t get to tell many stories in my prayer emails because I keep them short.  This is one that needs told.

I had asked for prayer for Marcelo and Ester who needed a new house because they were being kicked out of their home.  They found a plot of land in a villa (shanty town), and were told they could buy it for $3000 pesos (about $750).

The saved up their money and made payments and bought the land.  What they didn’t know at the time is that the whole thing was a scam.  Some thugs in the neighborhood would sell the land (to which they had no right…there’s no paperwork on those plots).  Then when the buyers would move in, they would set the new house on fire and chase them off.

Then they would sell the land all over again, and start the whole process over.

Marcelo and Ester found out about this before they started building.  When they talked to the men they paid, they were threatened.  The men came to there old home with pipes and threatened violence if they made problems.

The couple had no choice but to walk away from the situation, grateful they ‘only’ lost the $3000.

And so the search continues.


2 responses to “Poor House”

  1. I am very sorry to hear about the injustice done here with Marcelo and Ester. What happened is terrible but I am glad it did not go as far as it could have. My prayers go up for them to find another solution for housing and that God will direct them to a safe resolution that will not cost them too much.

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