Our Return to Argentina

The time has come to return to Argentina. Just this last week the final amount we needed came in and our mission organization approved us to return. We leave tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 10th. Last September and October as we were preparing to come back to the States to raise the necessary support to continue our work in La Plata, it seemed almost impossible, an obstacle too big to overcome. Due to losing some significant financial support and economic issues both in the States and in Argentina, we estimated we needed about $34,000 in new yearly support to be able to come back. After adjusting our budget and having a firm grasp at where we stood, in January we found ourselves with $25,000 to raise. Still, a seemingly impossible amount to raise to be able to return by May 10th (the latest we could travel before the new baby is born).

Thank you all who have prayed for us over the last six months. Over the last few years I’ve learned to understand the goodness of God in many different ways. My faith has matured, understanding that despite whatever circumstance I may be in that the fact remains that God is good, and that never changes. Over the last five years our lives have been so unsettled, moving often, unsure of the future, and in the thralls of culture shock despairing. The fact that God is good has carried us through many trying times, we can trust him.

We praise God for all he has done and will continue to do.


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