Another New Beginning

Recently, we were informed by our teammates, Rich and Jil, that they were strongly feeling led by God to not return to Argentina.  So, in the last few weeks or so we’ve been discussing that and the implications of that, now final, decision.  As you may remember, our team has always felt that God had called us to work together, that the place wasn’t that important.  We had, and still have, a deep burden to work amongst the urban poor…it just didn’t matter to us where, just that we were together.  We decided years ago that if one of the couples couldn’t continue the work that we’d all stop and leave together.  That scenario has now arisen.  Due to the timing of this decision, it has made the transition a bit difficult.  With our return to Argentina, after raising an incredible amount of money, and the positive momentum and nature of the work here, we all decided to pursue scenarios which would allow the Dunlevy’s and us to remain and continue the work. After discussing a multitude of scenarios we came to realize that to continue the work now with only two couples wouldn’t be viable. That our decision years ago, accounting for just this type of scenario, still remained the best course of action.  We did not arrive at this decision easily, we are sad to leave, seemingly only at the beginning of our work here.

We remain steadfast in our burden to reach the urban poor with the Gospel and will continue to pursue that as we return to the United States.  Right now we don’t know what our future holds, we are continuing to discuss ministry opportunities with GBIM.  For the immediate future we will continue the basic ministries here in La Plata and prepare the people here for our permanent departure.  There are many administrative details as well that need to come to a close over the next few months before we leave.  We will not be able to leave the country until we have all the necessary paperwork for our new-born, as soon as we have the paperwork in hand we will return.

You can read Nate and Deb’s message on the website as well, Click Here to Read it.

You can read Rich and Jil’s message here as well.

Please pray for us as often as you remember us.  With a new born coming (very) soon and this new transition in our lives, we need all the prayer support you can give.


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