About: Team La Plata

Who are the people that make up today’s urban environments?

The wealthy and the poor The foreigner and the national
The educated and the uneducated The healthy and the diseased
The nourished and the mal-nourished The sheltered and the homeless
The well-fed and the hungry The employed and the unemployed
The oppressors and the oppressed The freed and the enslaved
The powerful and the weak The literate and the illiterate

What is the “Mission: Urban”?

To go and make disciples of all nations, to be a catalyst for a church planting movement in La Plata Argentina (and around the world), to help people in real need.

This “Mission: Urban” is not a humanitarian mission, it is not a political mission, nor is it a religious mission. It is a mission of compassion, charity, generosity, and benevolence. It is a mission of peace, harmony, and reconciliation. It is a mission of freedom, life, and relationship. This mission seeks to embody the truths, principles, and values and person of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible.

Who are we?

We are simply a group of friends who all felt God was calling us together to do something. And this is where God has lead.

All of Us

3 responses to “About: Team La Plata”

  1. Hey guys,
    I like the website! I just wanted you guys to know that I’m thinking about you and praying for you down here in Buenos Aires. We’ll have our weekly team mtg. tomorrow and we’ll be talking about you and the latest with you.
    It’s always good to get your emails.
    I was in Corrientes this weekend. The team there has not had exactly smooth sailing but I think they’re making some good decisions. Most of all, there is good team unity – and man, are there ever BIG differences on that team.
    Anyway, great site.
    Un abrazo,

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