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A New Stage

I’ve had to write some difficult emails over the past nine years, but the one I just sent out ranks among the most difficult. A few weeks ago, our teammates Rich and Jil Elledge informed us that they wouldn’t be coming back to Argentina. The rigors and instability of cross-cultural over-seas ministry pose special challenges, […]

Some days you eat the bear…

…and some days the bear eats you. That’s how the old saying goes.  But, in Argentina there are some days where you are eaten and eat on the same day. I broke down last night.  Completely.  I had one of those days where it seemed like the entire country conspired against me.  A string of […]

A Brethren View of Discipleship.

From the Brethren Encyclopedia, entry by VM Eller: Discipleship. The case can be made that discipleship is the core concept from which early Brethren thought proceed-ed and around which it was organized. However, the theological content of that thought is expressed more clearly by the German word Nachfolge (a following after) than by the English […]

Poor House

I don’t get to tell many stories in my prayer emails because I keep them short.  This is one that needs told. I had asked for prayer for Marcelo and Ester who needed a new house because they were being kicked out of their home.  They found a plot of land in a villa (shanty […]

Building a City

Team La Plata Goals

We’ve had these done since March, but kept forgetting to post them.  These are our team goals for the year: Continuation and Progress of the plan put in place March 2009 Long Term Goal for Ministry in Argentina #1: For our team to gain experience in church planting, the Spanish language, and Argentine culture so […]

Nate and Deb talk about La Plata

We’ve had a great time with our church family here at Community of Hope this week.  If you want to hear what we shared with the body, just click here.

About the Book

With the news that my book, Blue Blood, is coming out next week, I want to take this opportunity to answer a few questions that some people might have about the project: What is it and how did it happen? Blue Blood is a history of the Indianapolis Colts.  Some of you may be aware […]

Fishing in a Dirty River

This week Brian and I went to round up some kids for our weekly English class.  We went down to the Villa, but several of the boys were missing.  Just few steps away from where we usually meet there is a small river/creek that runs through the neighborhood. The water is filthy.  The world has […]

Failing Well

We were getting ready to start a ‘movie night’ in the villa, but there were a lot of logistical details that had to come together just right in order to pull it off. The night of the event, they all went haywire all at once. We had forgotten the screws for the movie screen.  I […]