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A New Stage

I’ve had to write some difficult emails over the past nine years, but the one I just sent out ranks among the most difficult. A few weeks ago, our teammates Rich and Jil Elledge informed us that they wouldn’t be coming back to Argentina. The rigors and instability of cross-cultural over-seas ministry pose special challenges, […]

Nate and Deb talk about La Plata

We’ve had a great time with our church family here at Community of Hope this week.  If you want to hear what we shared with the body, just click here.


I sat down to reply to some email tonight and realized once again how badly I’ve neglected blogging here.  Hopefully as I answer these questions, my excuses will be made for me… How is Ellie doing in her new school? GREAT.  This school transition could not have been more painless than it has been.  The […]

I don’t know if I believe it

We put a deposit on a place to live today.  Nate has been working on all the paperwork this afternoon, and it will be a day or two maybe before we know for sure that everything is going to work out.  But still, it seems like we found a place!  It’s not at all what […]

So how about that?

And okay, here we go! One month from today I’ll be back on the ground in Buenos Aires. You know, if you hadn’t known about all of the uncertainty and questions and doubt and decision making, you would look at this year and think that everything was going very smoothly according to schedule. J And […]


I must say that if you have to spend some time in limbo, it sure is nice to do it in a warm summery place with lots of friends and family where your kids get to swim and pick berries and chase lightning bugs.  I feel really blessed…you know, at the same time as I […]

I promise they won’t always be this serious…

It’s slowly taking ahold of me.  The itch.  The restlessness.  The constant tickle of desire to be moving on, to be somewhere I’m not.  That’s just what happens.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks; when life is exciting it takes a few years.   But sooner or later, the place I’m at just doesn’t seem nearly as fascinating […]